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Innovision, LLC. started its business operations in 2017. As a start-up and fast growing, high tech company, we focus on developing technologies related to digital humans and using these technologies for human-centered products and services. Innovision’s scientists and engineers have broad knowledge and extensive experience of research, development, and technical services in the areas of digital human modeling and simulation, impact and biomechanical modeling and simulation, computer vision, and machine learning.     In particular, innovision leadership has more than 20 years of experience managing and executing high profile programs for government agencies, such as Human Measurement and Signature Intelligence (H-MASINT) program, a multi-directorate endeavor by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) to develop technologies for human measurement and intelligence information.


Thanks to Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program, Innovision has been developing innovative technologies for digital humans. We have received multiple Phase I and Phase II awards from the Air Force, Defense Health Agency, and Department of Homeland Security.


Innovation has established collaborative relationship with academia including University of Michigan, Texas Tech University, and Wright State University, and with industry including Magic Leap, Inc. (https://www.magicleap.com/), Intelligent Automation, Inc. (https://www.i-a-i.com/), Quadridox, Inc. (http://www.quadridox.com/),  STI Technologies (https://www.sti-tec.com/) , and Infoscitex Corporation (https://www.infoscitex.com/) . 


Mission Statement

We are in the digital era. Things created for human are digitized. Things created by human are digitized. We are building internet of things (IoT) that connects things with each other through their digital representations or models. We are creating network of digital twins (NDT), where a digital replica (twin) is created for each artifact that human creates and connected with each other. As this world is centered around human, a digital replica of human (human digital twin) is essential to the digitized world.


Innovision is denoted to developing technologies related to digital humans and using these technologies for human-centered services and products. We are pursuing the dream to build a digital twin for every human. We believe that challenging real-world problems demand innovative solutions, which in turn, require us to have innovative vision of the world.  Innovision leads to innovation. 

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